Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2

Quick Info
  • Two versions: Standard and Premium. Main differences, the Premium has SQL Server, Internet and Security Acceleration (ISA) server, and Office FrontPage 2003. Price differences is about double with Standard for $599 and Premium for $1,299.
  • R2 in the name means Release 2 to indicate this is an update version of SBS which includes automated network-wide patch and update management and increased mailbox limits from 16 to 75 GB.
  • Common features: Exchange server 2003, Outlook 2003, SharePoint SP2, Shared Fax service, and 5 user licenses.
  • To utilize ISA the server has to have two NICs (Network Interface Cards).
  • Maximum server RAM is limited to 4 GB.
  • Domain restrictions:
    • Only one computer in a domain can be running SBS 2003
    • SBS must be the root of the Active Directory forest and no child domain.
    • SBS cannot trust any other domains.
  • Easy installation/setup and has simple backup/restore module.