• Utility
  • Design
  • Plant

Time coverage

The application process pendency is 24.6 months.

  • For utility and plant: 17 years from grant or 20 years from filing, whichever is longer.
  • Design: 14 years from grant date.

Check a patent status
  • Use Patent Application Information Retrieval: PAIR

Application types
  • Provisional - establish filing date but does not start examination process. Have to go to non-provisional application in order to get the patent.
  • Non-Provisional - begin examination process and may lead to a patent.

Application filing types
  • Online using EFS, Electronic Filing System
  • In writing

Once filled we get:

  • Application number composes of 2-digit series number and 6-digit serial number.
  • Confirmation number: 4-digit number
  • Filing date


  1. File application
  2. Get application number, filing date
  3. Before 6 month - foreign filing, require license number
  4. Between 6-12 months - foreign filing
  5. 18 months - publication


  • Has a USPTO customer number or registration number